2024 Toyota Jamboree
Planning Guide

Last updated: 4/25/24

We are experiencing technical issues with the Jambo Guide. Expect to be fixed within a few hours. Until then here is the Planning Guide.

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Topics on this page
Preparing for your trip
Food and Ice
Park Facilities
Planning your Route
What to expect at Toyota Jamboree

Other topics to freshen up on
Rules & Regulations
Vehicle Restrictions
Park lodging & camping information
Trail Information

Preparing for your trip

Over-prepare for the weather!

It's Texas, so it could be hot, cold, dusty, wet or muddy, or all the above. Bring rain gear, extra clothes, extra tie downs for tents, towels, etc. Remember the Jambo fun continues is Rain or Shine!

Bring on the Campfire

Currently there are no fire bans and we've had plenty of rain so don't expect one to be in effect anytime soon.

Critical Items

The most crucial item we can recommend for the Toyota Jamboree (or any off-roading event) is communications, even if its a handheld. It is required to have either a FRS or GMRS radio at Jamboree.

Other required items include:
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Other recommended items include:

Recovery Gear
Sun Screen
Flash Lights
Bug Spray
Camp Chair

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Planning for food

Food vendor on-site

We will have at leats two food vendors onsite this year serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. We will be adding their menus soon

Meal upgrades

Those who purchased added meal upgrades to their registration will have access to the following two meals Friday and Saturday 5pm-6pm

  • Friday: Brisket Tacos! and a drink by Bodacious Bar-B-Q
  • Saturday: 2-Meat with 2-sides Texas BBQ with drink by Bodacious Bar-B-Q.
Resturants in town

Gilmer, Texas is 15 mins away from the park and has a variety of restaurants from fast food to sit down.
View resturants in Gilmer


Starting in 2024 the park no longer has ICE (by the bag) for sale. There is an ice machine to make ice available, but assume this will be exhausted at Jambo. We are working on getting an ice trailer in. At this time, plan on bring your ice in from town.

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Park Facilities


Barnwell Mountain has primitive camp sites throughout the park. Many of them will have porta-johns added by Toyota Jamboree during the event.

Its open camping throughout the park, but there are designated camping areas.

BMRA have made extensive repairs to the main roads allowing us to again add porta-johns to select campsites throughout the park. Which ones is dependant on several factors, we will communicate once we know.

Camping is first come, first serve. Reserving campsites is not allowed. Large community tents need to be approved before hand.

See more information and a camping sites on a map

Overlanding Camping

Those who purchased Overlanding camping packages or passes must stay in the camping areas near the pavilion. They cannot go past the RV sites to venture deeper in the park without a Trail Pass.

Shower Facilities

BMRA has two shower facilities to help wash away a long day of wheeling. One is located at the BMRA office and the other is right next to the pavilion.

Plan for long wait times for showers. We wish we could bring in more showers, but its not possible

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Planning your Route

BMRA is located 5 miles from Gilmer, TX. From Gilmer, turn east on hwy 155N. After about 5 miles as you start to climb a hill look for the Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area sign and Toyota Jamboree banner and flags to the right.

Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area 6284 N. SH 155 Gilmer, TX 75645

BMRA Office Coordinates: 32.8007, -94.8759

Get Directions in Google Maps
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What to Expect at a Toyota Jamboree

First and foremost its important to know that the Toyota Jamboree is kinda a build-your-own adventure. You can do it at your pace and preference.

We do have scheduled events, but they are not required. Your free to just go hit the BMRA trails and enjoy the rare experience of only Toyota's on the trails with no Dirtbikes or UTV's. Learn more about the BMRA Trails


Have your Registration Confirmation ready

The key to your registration is the QR code on your registration confirmation. Either have it ready on your phone to pull up or printed.

First stop will be event registration

Stop by the Event office and get checked in and sign the waivers. Everyone, including passengers, needs to sign a waiver.

You will be given:
  • Wristband: This is key to your re-entry into the event and meal ticket (if you purchased a meal upgrade) Please ensure you keep this on you at all times, if its damaged, please return to front registration office for a replacement

  • Event Map & Schedule: This is a laminated 11x17 printout to help guide you through the event

  • Trail Pass: (if you purchased a wheeling package ) This goes on your windshield and is your pass deeper into the park and onto the trails
Swag Bag and pre-purchased merchandise pickup

If you purchased a pre-registration package, (wheeling or overlanding camping), You get a swag bag! Full of neat things like event patch, event sticker, event magnet, other misc event swag and swag from sponsors and vendors.

After checkin, head on over to the pavilion area, to the tent to the left of the pavilion, show them your QR code, and they'll pull your swag bag and pre-paid merchandise.

Pre-paid Raffle Tickets Pickup

If you purchased any raffle tickets during registration, head on over to the raffle sales table. Have them scan their QR code, and they'll grab your tickets

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You'll be handed a Event Schedule and Map on checkin, and we are working on a more detailed schedule, but heres the high-level. SUBJECT TO CHANGE

  • 10am Thursday: Gates Open
  • 5pm - 9pm Thursday: Vendor area open
  • 6pm - 8pm Thursday: Pups, Cups, and Trucks
  • 9pm Friday: Wheels and Reels: Back to the Future
  • Midnight Thursday: Gates & Checkin closed
  • 8am Friday: Gates & Checkin open
  • 1pm Friday: Blinds Mans Bluff presented by TrailToys
  • 3pm Friday: Group Photo and Activities
  • 5pm - 9pm Friday: Vendor area open
  • 6pm Friday: Live Music: Sunset Strip
  • 7:30 Friday: Friday Raffle
  • 10pm Friday: Trails Close
  • Midnight Friday: Gates & Checkin closed
  • 8am Saturday: Gates & Checkin open
  • 10am Saturday: Lone Star Rock Crawl presented by TacomaBeast
  • 2pm Saturday: Mike Lemery Stampede presented by Demello Offroad
  • 5pm - 9pm Saturday: Vendor area open
  • 7pm Saturday: General Raffle Raffle
  • 10pm Saturday: Trails Close
  • Noon Sunday: Event Closes
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