To ensure we maximize everyone’s safety and fun Toyota Jamboree requires vehicles participating in guided runs or sanctioned events meet a minimum set of requirements and technical inspection.

In General

Your vehicle should be in sound mechanical condition. Vehicles with excessive leaks and known problems are advised not to attend.

Minimum Vehicle Requirements

The following are minimum requirements for vehicle participation in guided runs and event activities and all vehicles are subject to a vehicle Inspection. While Toyota Jamboree makes no representation as to the impact of such an inspection upon ‘safe’ participation in an event, failure to pass such an inspection will disqualify the vehicle from participating in the guided runs or other event activities involving trail vehicles.

Vehicle Registration and Insurance Coverage: Must be current and meet applicable State requirements. (Rigs that are towed in, are not required to be registered or have insurance coverage)

Service Brakes: Must be able to stall engine when idling in 2nd gear (1st gear if 3 speed).

Parking Brake: Must be able to stall engine when idling in 3rd gear (2nd gear if 3 speed).

Brake Lights: Must be functioning properly.

Tires: All tires, including spare, must have at least 2/32″ of tread. Spare tire must be properly inflated.

Roll Bar: Any open vehicle must have a roll bar firmly attached to the vehicle.

Seat Belts: Required for driver and each passenger.

Fire Extinguisher: Rated, A,B,or C and must show full charge on gauge and/or have seal intact. Here is a good affordable option

First Aid Kit: Recommended to be as complete as is reasonably possible.

FRS or GMRS Radio
The most crucial item we can recommend for the Toyota Jamboree (or any off-roading event) is communications, even if its a handheld.

The change from CB to FRS/GMRS has been years in the making and this year we are making the switch final. Toyota Jamboree staff will no longer be monitoring CB so it's important that you get yourself one to be able to properly communicate on the trails.

If your a casual off-roader or want a cheap and easy communications solution, FRS radios are entirely sufficient. They require no setup and have batteries that last quite awhile.

We've heard good things about the Midland - X-TALKER T77VP5 it has a good set of accessories including a cigarette charger. If your looking for a cheaper option, there's the
Motorola T100 ( but any brand/model is fine )

GMRS are acceptable, but not required. The channels we will be operating on are shared among FRS and GMRS so either are acceptable, but please note the following:

Antenna Length: Not longer than 54″, unless both ends are firmly attached to the vehicle

Items to Consider:
Fan Belt, Radiator Water, Battery Cables
Tire Gauge, Tire Pump, Tire Patch Kit
Rags, Hand Cleaner, Litter Bags
Axe, Shovel
Flashlight, Spare Batteries, Spare Vehicle Key